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14 June, 2022

Safety improved in the Weipa harbour

A state government-funded program has been a bonus for a Cape York-based company.

By Matt Nicholls

EIGHTEEN beacons in the Weipa shipping channel have been replaced by a local company as part of a $5 million contract.

However, some of the former piles remain in the water as a result of dodgy workmanship by the company that installed them in the first place.

Cape York Weekly understands some have been concreted in the water and will need divers to cut the piles so they can be removed.

Carpentaria Contracting owner Vance Wallin said the removal of those piles would be determined by the state government.

His company has replaced the beacons in Weipa and will soon return to Cairns to replace another 12 on the east coast.

“It’s been a great contract for us and it’s really good to have a Cape York business get work like this in our own backyard.”

The contract was worth $5.3 million, according to the state’s February announcement.

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