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5 April, 2022

New SES building almost complete

It won't be long until the new Weipa SES facility is up and running.

By Matt Nicholls

EXPECT to see Weipa’s SES unit to start moving into its new headquarters in the coming weeks.

Local controller Peter “Ziggy” Siegmeier hasn’t got the keys to the new facility yet but believes it will be just days away from happening.

“The last thing that needs to happen is for the power to get switched on and that should be soon,” he said.

“We’ve got a Minister coming up later in the month to have a look but I think the official opening will be in May.”

The Weipa SES building in Evans Landing will be shut down once everything is moved to the new facility.

“It’ll be a big job that might take a few days – a lot of stuff could end up in the dump,” Mr Siegmeier said.

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