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11 July, 2022

At long last: Archer River Roadhouse gets its phone tower

It's been more than three years since the federal government announced funding for a tower at the Archer River.

By Matt Nicholls

MORE than three years after it was first announced, the Archer River Roadhouse has a mobile phone tower.

Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch made the announcement in early 2019 that Archer River was getting a phone tower under the federal government’s blackspot program.

However, it was revealed that the funding was for an Optus tower and Telstra customers wouldn’t have access.

Those plans were scrapped and a new announcement was made in May last year for Telstra to construct a tower at the Archer River Roadhouse.

On Friday, owner Brad Allan told Cape York Weekly that it had been installed.

“So far it’s working well. Let’s hope that it stays that way,” he said.

Mr Allan conducted a speed test on the network and reported a 14mb/s download speed.

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