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28 September, 2020

Fix up the PDR, says Musgrave Roadhouse owner

Fix up the PDR, says Musgrave Roadhouse owner

By Matt Nicholls

MUSGRAVE Roadhouse sits in the middle of the worst sections of the Peninsula Developmental Road and John McDowell is sick of it.

While he’s pleased the state and federal governments have combined for major sealing works over the last five years, he said not enough was being done to maintain the road.

“There is less and less dirt, but those sections are really rough,” he told Cape York Weekly.

“They need to be grading more and more to make sure the unsealed sections don’t become a hazard.”

The bitumen is also becoming a problem, Mr McDowell said.

“There’s a section at South Five Mile Creek that has been washed away since last year.

“Nobody has bothered to fix it.”

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