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3 May, 2021

Movers 3 gone from Weipa, banned from Australia

Embattled ship Movers 3 is no longer in the waters off Weipa after it was given a patch-up job and sent on its way.

Local sources told Cape York Weekly they were concerned for the safety of the crew.

“They just got the ship going and did the absolute bare minimum so they could get rid of it,” the maritime source said.

“Rio Tinto didn’t want the bad publicity, AMSA didn’t want anything to do with it and the government didn’t want the men on board to come here.

“The ship isn’t seaworthy but they let it pass.”

AMSA last week handed down an 18-month ban to the Panama-flagged bulk carrier, which is operated by Aswan Shipping.

“On April 29, AMSA released Movers 3 from detention and immediately issued it with a ban, prohibiting it from entering an Australian port for 18 months,” a spokesperson said.

AMSA deputy CEO Sachi Wimmer said Aswan Shipping had shown a complete disregard for its obligations to provide decent working and living conditions for its seafarers, and had not ensured its ships were maintained so they were safe for the crew and Australia’s marine environment.

“Aswan Shipping’s neglect has resulted in a difficult two months for the seafarers on Movers 3, let alone the effort required by many organisations to support them during this time,” she said.

“We are holding Aswan Shipping accountable, it needs to step up and fulfil its obligations as a ship owner and operate responsibly if it wants to trade in Australian ports in the future.

Ms Wimmer thanked the various parties involved who had assisted where Aswan Shipping had failed to act, organising food and welfare support for the impacted seafarers.

“The banning of Movers 3 should serve as a stark reminder to the maritime industry that AMSA will not tolerate or accept sub-standard ships.

“A banning constitutes more than just a disruption to shipping schedules, it comes at great financial and reputational loss to the companies associated with these ships.

“Ship operators like Aswan Shipping are not welcome in Australian waters.”

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