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20 July, 2021

Napranum cultural festival to bring communities together

Lockhart River’s champion dance group will perform at Napranum this weekend as part of the festivities for the revived Ruchook Cultural Festival.

Once a highlight of the Cape York calendar, the event had been mothballed. It will make a stunning return on Friday night and Saturday.

Comedian Sean Choolburra will MC the event, which will feature song and dance, as well as other entertainment.

Former Western Cape College student Royston Sagigi-Baira will perform with the Lampoons, while Black Image will also play several sets.

In a treat for locals, the dance groups scheduled to perform include an Alngith and Thaniwithi collaboration, while Napranum product Fiona Wirrer-George and Ebony Doyle are also on the running sheet.

Other performers include Muingnu Bukerr Sagulaw Buai, the Lockhart River Dance Group, Seisia Kayin Thithuyil Dance Group, Guba Markai Dance Group, Aurukun Dance Group and Napranum Youth Dance Group.

Friday night’s opening will include a procession from the Napranum Oval to the Ruchook Grounds (located at the northern end of town off Waum Street).

There will be a Welcome to Country and several guest speakers, some live music and a handful of dance performances.

Saturday is the main day and the performances start from around 1pm.

There will be a number of activity stalls and food outlets for families to enjoy.

The festivities are expected to finish around 8pm and will include a fireworks display to wrap up the event.

Mayor Janita Motton said she was looking forward to Ruchook making its return in 2021.

“The organisers have been working hard to make this a great event and I’m sure everyone will have a great time.”

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